Buy A “Block Of Love”

BUY a “Block of Love” to help rebuild Upendo Children’s Home. If you buy $65 block, your name will be engraved on the walls of the New Upendo Children’s Home.

Upendo plans to relocate the current Upendo Children’s Home due to the following reasons:

  1. The current space where the home is located, is less than half an acre. Our current children are developing and rowing fast hence need for expansion. We had a boy get circumcised this year, another finished class eight this December and several will be joining class eight next year. We have at least 8 employees living in the home and not much room for all to share. Hence the need for larger space in order to separate the kids according to ages and gender.
  2. Food prices increase has dictated to Upendo to start growing its own food and other domestic animals in order to have enough for all the children. This cannot happen in the current space and location. The food and animal production will enable the home to become more self sustaining and also provide the children with more life skills and training.
  3. At least 11 of Upendo Children’s Home kids were molested in the home in 2014. An American man raped the children and as the director and founder of the home, I reported the matter to the American government. After a lengthy investigation, the culprit was convicted of the crimes but as much as we are providing counselling, our children are still suffering from the trauma since the abuse was frequently happening inside the home. Hence the need to relocate for a fresh start and continued healing for the victims.
  4. Prior to joining Upendo Children’s Home, our children had delayed schooling, developmental delays and disabilities which requires Upendo to provide more specialized education to the children who are struggling both academically
    and emotionally. Even though we have two children in a private boarding school and seem to be doing very well, Upendo is not in a position to sponsor more children in the private schools. Hence the need to establish a more quality school for the Children of Upendo. The school will extend free scholarship for other needy children in the community.
  5. Dire need to provide more quality care to the Children of Upendo and other children who are in need. Our plan is to extend our services to at least 300 children through feeding programs, shelter, education, free medical services and technology training. The current shelter is already too squeezed. Hence the need to build a larger dormitory that will provide more quality care as well as ensure children’s safety and security.