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Our average budget for the Children’s Home per month is about $3,000. This amount is used to:

  1. Pay the electric/gas bills
  2. Purchase food
  3. Cooking firewood
  4. Clothe the children
  5. Provide medical
  6. Provide clean water
  7. Pay the staff
  8. Pay school fees and and school supplies

Current Needs

There are immediate needs that your family or your group would want to provide for the children of Upendo Kids that we need at the Home. Please view our current list for more information.

Upendo Children’s Home wishlist:

  1. Vaseline Petroleum jelly
  2. Toothpastes and toothbrushes
  3. Dark colored bath towels
  4. Dark colored wash clothes
  5. Children’s vitamins and supplements
  6. Girls and boys church clothes and shoes (5 – 16 years age sizes)
  7. Toys: jump ropes, balls etc.

Other wishlist:

  1. Markers
  2. Crayons
  3. Pencils
  4. Story books
  5. Ink pens
  6. Soccer and basket balls
  7. Chalk

Monthly donations

Monthly donations keep you connected to Upendo Kids, Inc. The families of Upendo depend on each donation to meet the required needs.

There are two ways you can make those donations:

  • Sign up for online automatic withdrawals
  • Mail a check to Upendo Kids P.O. Box 31504 Edmond, OK 73003

Please consider committing to help meet any of these monthly needs at Upendo Children’s Home:

Item DescriptionCost per MonthItem DescriptionCost per Month
Cooking firewood$140Flour(corn/wheat)$130
Beans$65Electric Bill$40
Fruits and veggies$60Detergents/Toiletries$60